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We are neither tied with any food aggregators nor do we offer delivery to any location within Ahmedabad. However  our customers routinely use 3rd party delivery services (such as Porter) to have their order picked up from our store and delivered to their desired location. 

In order to do this, please follow these steps.

  1. Call our store between Monday to Saturday after 2 PM to know the flavors that are currently available which may be of interest to you and place your order with us over the phone. 

  2. Pay us using UPI/Paytm/Google Pay by scanning the payment QR code from this website.

  3. Schedule a delivery agent for pick-up with a 3rd party delivery service.

Please Note: Our items are delicate and therefore care must be taken while they are being transported by the delivery agent scheduled by you. Therefore please let the agent know of this when scheduling their service. We are not resposible if our products are damaged during transit by these delivery agents. 

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